Annual Reports

This past Tuesday we had our church’s annual business review meeting.  It’s the meeting where the superintendent comes down to our church, we do the elections that are necessary and the pastor gives a review of the past year with a look to the future.  It’s not fun like laser tag on unicorns, but it’s a good meeting every year.

On the day I was preparing my report I came across this quote from Reggie McNeal at the Innovation conference,

We are going to see a shift in the scorecard…is it how many kids we have at vacation bible school?…do we have the courage to say how many hungry kids are in our town, or how are marriages doing in our town?

I thought that was a fascinating new way to look at church effectiveness. I think we could measure homelessness, crime rates, community safety, and other things too. I agree that this is a significant shift from ‘our church is awesome’ to ‘our community is hurting’. It’s a shift in focus, in motivation and in mission.

What do you think? Would it be a good shift?


One thought on “Annual Reports

  1. Heck Yes it’s a great shift. One of the churches jobs is to help the community, and look at its surroundings. Did Jesus walk around looking at himself and his disciples saying: “Dang, my disciples and I are so cool! We’ve picked up 6 new members this week! How can I get more people to join my group?” He walked around with his disciples and saw the hungry, the poor, the sick, the community that was in pain and He helped them. And gave them what they needed. Thats my thought. Oh, did you get the attendence numbers turned in or did you rebel?


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