MMC – February 9, 2009

weekend in review: Good weekend, did a great training seminar for a new system of involvement for the Grove and then got to take the kids out to Clover Ridge to play in the park.  Sunday was good too with church, meeting with a small group about church planting and then going to my own small group.  They certainly are an encouraging bunch of friends.

on my list this week: in a word: swamped.  so this is gonna be a short blogging week.  With me being out of the office basically all next week, there’s just a bunch of stuff i need to attend to today and tomorrow.

current books: Celebration of Discipline and then loads of reading for the upcoming church planting workshops and meetings.

current writing: Doctrinal Statements still.

culture that’s caught me: At the grammy awards last night each rapper got to preform twice.  Interesting how rap was woven in and out of so many different acts.  Also – the award for album of the year was a dud for the second year in a row.

question i’d ask God: can i have two mondays this week?

how i’m feeling about this week: swamped.

quote for the week: “When leading, you need to let certain things go.  Admittedly, you aren’t really in control.” ~Roger Nierenberg

running report: no pain this week, going to restart training for the march 5k.


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