Stanley, How Good is Good Enough

Whats that Number 1?

Most churches use the word assimilation to describe their system to connect people to the local church.  The goal is to assimilate them into the body.  For those of us who grew up under the tutelage of Jean-Luc Picard

What’s that Number 1?

and the next generation of Star Trek, we know assimilation is to be avoided.  We will not allow our resistance to be futile!  So, in developing a system of helping people to be connected to The Grove as a local church we are going to use the word Fusion.  We will describe it more like an Einstein/atomic/quantum mechanics kind of way.

The word is fully and totally stolen from Nelson Searcy’s book by the same title (which I blogged last month).  In his book, one of the suggestions is to give away free books to first time attenders.  So, I’m previewing a couple of his selections for that give away, which leads me to Andy Stanley‘s How Good is Good Enough.

This book was perfect in what I hoped it would do for us.  Even though it is written from the Bible belt, it blends intellectual honesty with a touch of snarky humor, making it perfect for the irreligious (and religious, for that matter) in Oregon.  Stanley takes an honest look at life’s big question of what happens after death and then connects it wonderfully to current life situations.  The book doesn’t just say to get some Jesus in you so that you don’t get screwed when you die.  It leads the reader to really consider the implications of life if the claims of Scripture might be true.

Interested in getting your own copy?  Well, you’ll have to wait until the opening day services of The Grove to pick one up – or you could just go buy it – it’s tiny and cheap!

pages read=92 ~ year to date=540 ~ 2009 goal=18,250 ~ (2.9%)


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