MMC – February 2, 2009

weekend in review: Had a fun weekend. Friday night had a little disco party with some youth students, then Heather was away for a conference Saturday so the kids and I had Daddy fun time, including LJ’s basketball game. Saturday night we had dinner with the Hyer’s. They are a great family – fun and relaxing – totally real, easy to hang out with.Sunday was great too – we did a family super bowl party. The kids didn’t care for the game, but it was good to spend time together. I also found a facebook group for my old reserve regiment, so cool to see some old photos and re-connect with those guys. Then, Heather and I capped off the weekend by watching Burn After Reading. Funny, funny, funny.

on my list this week: My initial contact for a place to meet for The Grove happens this week. Also, I’m scheduling some sit-downs with some great people, so it should be a productive week.

current books: Just finished Macchia’s Becoming a Healthy Church.  Just Foster’s book, Celebration of Discipline, left for school and then that is complete.  My reading is the only part of my resolutions that’s progressing!!

current writing: Doctrinal Statements still, and I’ve got to start work on my history paper, still.

culture that’s caught me: The Super Bowl ads of course.  I wonder if anyone is tracking the way that the ads are getting raunchier as the halftime show gets tamer?

question i’d ask God: Wanna build another church?

how i’m feeling about this week: We’ve got hard stuff to deal with this week. I wrote it all out here, but it was a real downer. When planting a church, it’s like putting your soul out there and seeing what people do with it. Sometimes people don’t acknowledge that it’s your heart and soul…prayers appreciated.

quote for the week: “I think we’re facing the wrong way…” “Shut-up!” “Hey, morons, you’re facing the wrong way” ~one of my favorite conversations in history.

running report: I hyper extended my left knee playing basketball last Sunday so it’s been a week since I can walk with any confidence. Super painful all week long. So, no miles last week, and no miles this week. Then I restart training for a mid-march 5k race.


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