Grove Launch Team

I have been thinking while reading about how the Grove Launch Team is building and how people are connecting.  It’s already an interconnected team – building relationships that are not dependent on me.  That’s dreamy (a word I only use when I’ve been reading too much)!  We’ve been spending oodles of time too, just making friends and connecting to people, learning about each other and our common gospel hopes and dreams.

So, I’m googling hulu to watch Conan’s last show and I found the White Stripes finished up the whole shebang (see note for dreamy above) with this song.  I think it’s an apporpriate expression for us right now…


Foster, Celebration of Discipline

I read this book three or four years ago for my licensing into the Evangelical Church.  This go around, it was assigned to me as a part of my PESM training, in a course focused on the devotional life of a leader.

I love this book.

It’s a great book to read every year to give your devotional life a real kick in the pants.  I find that as I grow older my love for Jesus grows deeper because I have more experience with him and have received further training in having a stellar life with Jesus.  It’s just like how we take marriage classes to help our marriage – this book will help your relationship with Jesus go to places you’ve not been before.

I didn’t underline much because it’s crunch time for me, with a lot of deadlines coming up so I am reading faster than normal.  Still, here’s some golden words:

  • p.19, quoting Theophan the Recluse, “To pray is to descend with the mind into the heart, and there to stand before the face of the Lord, ever present, all seeing, within you.”
  • p.150, “Freedom begets freedom.”
  • p.162, “I determined to learn [God’s] vocabulary: is he addressing me through those singing birds or that sad face?”
  • p.172, “Many times I do not feel like worshipping and I have to kneel down and say, ‘Lord, I don’t feel like worshipping, but I desire to give you this time.  It belongs to you.  I will waste this time for you.”

pages read=201 ~ year to date=1,066 ~ 2009 goal=18,250 ~ (5.8%)

McLaren, New Kind of Christian

I have read this book multiple times; this time I read it with the college kids as a discussion book for our small group. I love what this book does for people because it allows them freedom to really wrestle with life issues in the real world while we try to remain faithful to our Savior.
I didn’t read the whole book in 2009, just about 80 pages of it, but I still want to add it to my reading total!

pages read= 100 ~ year to date=865 ~ 2009 goal=18,250 ~ (4.7%)

MMC – Monday, February 23, 2009

weekend in review: What a full week followed by a full weekend!! I haven’t had any new content up because we’ve been doing training for the new church plant and I was at a two day coaching seminar this week. On top of this I had regular church responsibilities and had to play Rock Band until 2am on Friday!

on my list this week: post-bootcamp admin, missions trip interviews and bookings

current books: ReJesus by Frost and Hirsch, and catching up on Bible reading commitments

current writing: Doctrinal Statements and procrastinated homework.

culture that’s caught me: The Academy Awards were reformatted Sunday night to take on a feel of telling the story. The audience was invited into the process of creating a film experience. A radical example of the current cultural shifts we are experiencing.

question i’d ask God: No questions, just thanks for finding my rings for me!!

how i’m feeling about this week: I’m starting pretty drained so it’s gonna be an uphill climb. I have a good Monday on the calendar, so that might help get the momentum going.

quote for the week: Fantastico! ~Diego

running report: did 1.3 miles on monday, then got my week hijacked! So, i went out this morning to get a start on this week’s miles, good stuff, very little stiffness. Race is three weeks away!

Tuesday Morning Check-In: February 17, 2009

weekend in review: Fantastic weekend. We had a really fun Valentine’s as I preformed a wedding for Christeena and Robert. It’s been fun watching redemption happen in their lives, and how it will continue! On Sunday we had the first official Grove gathering to chat and dream and strategize and meet each other. There is a really unique energy in the room when you gather 45 people intent on mission!
Capped all that off with a dominant All Star performance from Shaq and I had a fabulous time!

on my list this week: all sorts of meetings and training!

current books: Celebration of Discipline, finished up New Kind of Christian for a third or fourth time.

current writing:
Doctrinal Statements still.

culture that’s caught me: Heather got me a new Foo Fighters album from 1996! It is so pleasing to my ears. Everytime I listen to FF I have the mixed emotions of wondering how much better rock would be if Kurt Cobain had found Jesus instead of killing himself and then I wonder if we’d even have FF if Nirvana kept on.
I’m also excited to read a new book about Canada which claims Canadians are the most fascinating people on earth!

question i’d ask God: where is the stuff i lost?

how i’m feeling about this week: pretty excited. The church plant training that is happening makes it so real. Its going to help us begin to form really what this church is going to be. I also have some coaching training for two days in PDX. Should be great also. On the other hand, this stuff is filling my whole calander and some patient people are having to wait for time with me until next week.

quote for the week: You’ve got to let the Bible be dirty! ~Anonymus College Grouper

running report:
ran two miles – knew it was too much after 1.5 miles, so this week gonna ease into it a little more. who knew two weeks off would wreck me!

dc Talk – Heaven Bound

Here’s full disclosure for you: this was my absolute favorite song in 1990. I knew every word. I can still quote it. DC Talk changed my life.

dc Talk – Heaven Bound Music Video

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And now I’ve nothing left to lose.

Bill Gates at TED

TED is a conference that I would love to attend, but would be frustrated because I wouldn’t be able to remember as much as I wished I could. Instead, I watch TED online (welcome to the future)!

Today, I came across a new talk from Bill Gates (that i can’t embed because TED is not that progressive) that I thought was one of the most remarkable ever. He talks about malaria and education; citing these two issues that can most quickly and efficiently increase the quality of life in the world.

Interestingly, all of his suggested solutions leave the church out of the picture. I would think mobilizing willing servants would be key for his other goals.

Watch for the moment when he releases the mosquitos in the room. It’s quite possibly the most effective teaching strategy I have ever seen.