MMC – January 26, 2009

weekend in review: We had a great chill out weekend.  Did a couple appointments to answer some questions about the new church plant, including a Sunday afternoon information meeting.  God is doing good stuff and revealing stuff to us that we didn’t know was there previously.  It’s awesome how, when you follow God’s leading, so often you find the He had some surprises in store for you.

We had small group on Saturday night and then we got to have Aaron and Michelle over.  It’s so much fun to get to watch young people grow into the fantastic stories God has for them.  That makes me sound old, but I just love it.

I also finished Tim Roehl and Steve Ogne’s new book.  I’ll post about it tomorrow.  I’m trying to stay on pace with my reading goals.

on my list this week: I am doing my doctrinal questionnaire right now. Trying to do one question each day. Then I can do the things I love, including this Friday night’s Driven Disco Party! Looking forward to LJ’s new basketball team’s first game this weekend too.

current books: Roehl’s book has been absoltasticly fansolute. I’m serious. I’m gonna post about it later.

current writing: Doctrinal Statements, and I’ve got to start work on my history paper.

culture that’s caught me: U2 has an album coming.

question I’d ask God: How can I get rid of shin splints – fast?

how i’m feeling about this week: I have a fun life. It’s such an adventure all the time.

quote for the week: “I am gonna kick the darkness till it bleeds day-light.” ~Bruce Cockburn

running report: Did more miles than I wanted (6.6) because I got lost in Newport and have some pain in the lower legs.  But, some friends and I are looking at getting into our first race.  So, this morning I am starting to count the points.  Apparently every pound I lose will take 2 seconds off my mile time.  So, if I can trim 100 pounds off I’ll be able to make the Olympics!


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