Searcy, Fusion

The first book I finished this year was Nelson Searcy’s Fusion.  Searcy is a church planter, pastor (Journey Church in NYC) and helps resource other church planters through his site, Church Leader Insights. It was a practical book about turning first time guests at your church into fully devoted members.  I read it as part of my church growth class for PESM, and thought it was very valuable for the new church plant I am leading.

The book is very practical with real ideas and real suggestions that any church can use.  It’s not a book just for mega-churches, or churches who wish they were mega.  No matter what size, style or place your church is, this book can be a valuable tool for you.

It’s not the type of book with life changing quotes, but it will be useful to help change lives of people who are newcomers to The Grove in North Albany.  I would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to help people know Jesus.  After all, if someone has been brave enough to visit a church, don’t you think you can be brave enough to help them connect?

pages read=176 ~ year to date=176 ~ 2009 goal=18,250 ~ (1%)


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