i spy

It’s late, I’ve had a full day and here’s my recap.  I rarely do these kinds of posts, so humor me.

The first thing I saw today was Obama being sworn in.  It was remarkable.  I don’t get a vote (I think ‘cuz I’m too tall), so I can take a little liberty in saying that I think you have to be impressed with his skills at the podium and his imagination for history.  The way he connects the disconnected draws people to him.  I hope he does fabulous!  (and just in case you’re mad about me giving love for Barak, you should know that I supported Bush too!)

The next thing I saw was a large meeting with a great presenter and slow, slow songs.  I mean s-l-o-w.  I did see people in the room that loved it though, so I made myself be cool with it.

The next thing I saw was my Motorola Q phone with Verizon die.  Then it died again later in the evening.  If you are thinking about getting what I got, dont.

Then I saw my kids play.  This was easily the highlight of my day.  The thing I loved the best was seeing the bravery that they are developing.  I want courageous kids and God is blessing them thusly.

Then I saw a mom rush her daughter into basketball practice still in her soccer uniform.  They were late and frazzled because of coming from one sport to the other.  Then the mom was on the floor practicing with the daughter in her high heel boots.  Right then and there I vowed never to teach my children to worship sports and to avoid high heel boots for basketball games.

And now I am going to see the inside of my eyelids.


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