MMC – January 19, 2009

weekend in review: One of the many reasons my wife is awesome is because she came home on Friday night and took me out to see a movie, Benjamin Button. She took care of everything and even paid! She started my weekend off so nicely. Then Saturday, I got to take Lj to a birthday party and then have a dinner party up at the Slack’s. Got to hang out with the Fantastic Larsons up there too, hearing fun stories from Thailand. Then on Sunday we announced to the church that we were going to be starting a brand new church in North Albany. Hosted an information meeting in the afternoon, really cool responses to this new effort. Looking forward to the way we’ll get to see God move.

on my list this week: got a couple days of meetings, then got some missions trip interviews to do along with some conversations about the new church. The biggest thing on my plate is forming a launch team for the new church.

Is that you? Want to help launch a rocking new church? Then tell me! and come to next Sunday’s information meeting at 4pm!

current books: Focused on reading Tim Rhoel’s book, Transformissional Coaching.  Only done two chapters, but it’s kick buns good so far.

current writing: emails, facebook messages to Jeff Otto and a doctrinal statement.

culture that’s caught me: the Obama inaugaration has been different than any I’ve seen before.  It’s interesting to watch how different cultural forces are at work.  You’ve got to wonder which companies are going to be trying to advertised on Tuesday morning… and what new novel ways they will think of getting their message out.

question I’d ask God: So, why not handout a few more walking on water passes?

how i’m feeling about this week: I have some really special family time built into this week.

quote for the week: “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” ~Albert Einstein

running report: Did a little more than 7 miles this past week.  Got new routes for next week.  Won’t run too far though.  Got some worries about shin splints after basketball practice today.  And I need to start counting points – gonna do a race in March.  Should be fun!


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