Resolutions 2009

So, here they are:

  1. Finish my master’s program.
  2. Get Ordained.
  3. Lead a new church plant.
  4. Learn to hug.  Or not.  Whatever.
  5. 3,000 push ups and sit ups.
  6. Run 365 miles.
  7. Run a couple races.
  8. Read 18,250 pages of books.
  9. Read through the Bible.
  10. Give away even more than we did last year.  (secretly, this is my favorite one!)

2 thoughts on “Resolutions 2009

  1. Just to throw this out there. I hugged your wife on the last missions trip. I think it might of been a side hug. I dont remember. Also I beat you on the sit ups. and did you mean consecutivly? Because 3,000 pushups would be amazing. If you could show me that I’d do something crazy like read a book all the way through in under a week or something.


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