Well, that changes everything

Last night we had a Leadership Council meeting here at SACC.  The Leadership Council is the governing body which makes the major decisions or affirms other decisions made by lesser commitees.  The topic of the meeting was the possibility of Heather and I launching a daughter church in North Albany.  A daughter church is a church that is birthed out of a current church, the mother church.  It may sound hokey to you, but the emotions and feelings that go into a daughter church plant are really similar to having a child.

At the meeting Pastor John presented how we as a church and as the leaders of the church arrived at the point where we felt like planting a church was the right thing to do.  Then I presented a report, focusing the opportunity in the North Albany community.  Then the Leadership Council, Strategic Leadership Team, and about 40 more people who showed up for the meeting were able to ask questions and help refine the process.

After a really great session where people spoke honestly without anyone arguing with each other (which is always a big win at a congregational meeting), we had a break.  I had a couple really affirming conversations, one was so great that we finished in French, and then the leadership council reconvened to vote.

They had a chance to share and it was remarkably positive.  They voted unanimously that Heather and I plant a brand new church, The Grove, in North Albany in the fall of 2009.

It ws so great to be affirmed in what I believed we were called into.  Now, there’s a million things racing through my head and heart and soul – I can’t wait to see what God does.

Now, we are prepping for informational and vision casting meetings and a bootcamp experience coming up soon!

May the kingdom of God move forward!


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