MMC – January 12, 2009

It’s been a while since I posted last, partly because of being away, partly because of other pressing assignments and partly because of a lack of internet access while I was away at school. So, we’re back in 09, just in time – and yes, this year’s theme music will be hip hop!!

weekend in review: This was a sociable weekend!  I spent Friday night with my wonderful small group, spent Saturday night with some graduated former students of mine, did church Sunday morning with an insightful Sunday School class, had a super fun basketball practice with the team I coach and then played the afternoon away with my superfun family.  On Saturday we also put away Christmas.  It was very sad, just like every year.

During the sermon this week Pastor John told the congregation that we are considering planting a brand new daughter church in North Albany.  It will be brought before the leadership council this Tuesday night.  If you’re a part of SACC, the meeting is open and you can come if you want more information.  Either way, I’d super appreciate prayers this week, it’s a game changer for sure.

on my list this week: Monday will be spent doing final touches on the report for the possible church plant.  Tuesday will be spent in meetings.  Wednesday and on will be determined by the results from the Tuesday meetings.  All spare time will be spent catching up on 24!

current books: Finished up a couple last week, right now doing the Great Emergence by Tickle, New Kind of Christian by McLaren and Building Healthy Churches by Macchia.

current writing: emails, and church plant proposals!

culture that’s caught me: 24!

question I’d ask God: So, what’s the plan?
Then I’d say, yeah, you’re right, I don’t need to know right now…

how i’m feeling about this week: Like I said, this week is a game changer, so I’m pretty amped.

quote for the week: “It was this friendship of Jesus that empowered my Dad to stick his tongue out at the religious scorekeepers and Christian insiders who preached a Gospel of perfection. It was the acceptance of Jesus that freed my father to serve root-beer floats on the Jones memorial carpet, present green-weenies to the spiritually stuck-up and ride roller coasters within the stifling institutions of Christian Culture. Like the woman at well who runs through the streets shouting the name of Jesus, Dad felt compelled to share the good news of redemption.” ~Mark Yaconelli, in memorial at his father’s service.

running report: I ran hills last week in Portland, 2 miles. We don’t have hills here in Albany so I discovered a whole new set of muscles! It’s supposed to be sunny this week here, so I should be able to get some miles in.


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