All Star 2009

If I was a trillionaire I’d buy the NBA. I’d fix the dunk contest so that the winner got $1 million and another $1 million was donated to a charity of choice. I’d also switch the playoffs so that the teams that were ranked highest got to pick who they wanted to play each round. For instance, the number one team gets to pick first, then the number two team and so on.
Then, I’d change it so that I got to select the players for the All Star game. I would form a super sweet game with players that people wanted to see selected for the game. My only criteria for the game would be awesomeness. This year i would select the teams like this:

West: Shaq, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe Bryant, and Chris Paul with a bench of Brandon Roy, Carmelo Anthony, Yao Ming, Tony Parker, Kevin Durant, Amare Stoudamire and Matt Bonner.

East: Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, Lebron James, Ray Allen, and Dwayne Wade with a bench of Allen Iverson, Paul Pierce, Chris Bosh, Richard Hamilton, Jason Kapono, Andre Iguodala and Hedo Turkoglu.

Wouldn’t you DVR that!


Driscoll, Trials

I often listen to the teaching of Mark Driscoll while I am working on different things.  As I was writing my doctrinal position on the Holy Spirit I was listening/watching this teaching.  It’s outstanding.  So, because I am writing so much for my doctrinal statement (which I will post once it’s all edited up) I am not writing much for the blog.  Instead, enjoy videos!

ok, so I can’t embed it because it’s flash. So, instead, here’s a link: Trials and Jesus

The best line is, “It doesn’t feel like home, because it’s not home!”

Ogne and Roehl, Transformissional Coaching

I bought Transformissional Coaching by Steve Ogne and Tim Roehl because Tim is someone I look up to. He’s a church planter, leader developer and works in the head office of my denomination. When talking to people I tell them he’s our Ed Stetzer. Which is extra funny, because I can use an SBC reference, which I rarely get to, and Stetzer wrote the foreword for this book. Anyways, after I bought this book I got an autographed copy through Darrell, so I gave my purchased copy away and read my autographed one.

Repeatedly I found myself shouting out loud, “YES, YES, YES! But why don’t people just GET IT!” Ogne and Roehl capture so much so perfectly that it made be so frustrated that this book isn’t being read and applied by every senior pastor in every church in the world. If the principles in this book were rightly applied I think the young pastors in churches today would experience far less frustration and better relationships with their senior leaders. I have no evidence to back this up, but I really do believe it.

The book contains a stellar examination of the current interactions between the church and the culture, some biblical support for coaching, information on the influences of personality styles when coaching individuals, how to coach teams and insightful considerations for coaching young postmodern leaders. This last chapter is worth the price of the book by itself, since most of the coaching that goes on is with younger leaders who tend to be more willing to self examine and grow.

If you are a leader I would encourage you to get this book – it will help you help others.

Here’s some of the quotes and thoughts that I had while reading:

9, “The North American church is in trouble because it has lost its purpose, its place, and its passion.”

11, referring to Robert Webber, “Younger Evangelicals are prone to deconstruct and reconstruct ministry.  They have an aversion to performance and programs in the church.  They prefer to emphasize the development of authentic Christian community.  They love to blend the ancient with the contemporary in their worship environments…they prefer an authentic spirituality in which the leader is a sojouner with them.”

13, “a transformissional approach to evangelism encourages people to belong to a community of faith before they beleive and then to come to faith as they expericne God through authentic relationships in the life of that community.”

17, referring to George Hunter, “One of the greatest injustices we do to our young people is to ask them to be conservative.  Christianity is not conservative, but revolutionary.  To be conservative today is to miss the whole point, for conservation means standing in the flow of the status quo, and the status quo no longer belongs to us…If we want to be fair, we must teach the young to be revolutionaries, revolutionaries agains the status quo.”

29, “Coaching paradigms that are overly focused on performance or productivity are particularly suspect and resisted by young and postmodern leaders, who highly value relationship, authenticity and community.”

36, “younger emerging leaders are more willing to admit and address these issues than those who have gone before them.  This is because they place a higher value on authenticity, and they have seen what has happened when these character issues where left unchallenged in previous generations of leaders.”

179, referring to Warren Wiersbe, “For nineteen centuries, the church has been telling the world to admit its sins, repent and believe the gospel.  Today…the world is telling the church to face up to her sins, repent, and start being the church of that gospel.”

216, “Young and postmodern leaders are looking for relationship, proximity, and affinity wiht those they allow to empower them.  They will receive coaching and mentoring from those they have relationships with; they will trust those who take time to invest in relationship…A coach who is interested only in ministry effectiveness will not relate well to young and postmodern leaders.”

217,  referring to Leonard Sweet, “Postmoderns will work their heads off, but they need certain assurances, (1) that you care, (2) that there’s something in it for them, and (3) that they can make work, play.”

pages read=272 ~ year to date=448 ~ 2009 goal=18,250 ~ (2%)

MMC – January 26, 2009

weekend in review: We had a great chill out weekend.  Did a couple appointments to answer some questions about the new church plant, including a Sunday afternoon information meeting.  God is doing good stuff and revealing stuff to us that we didn’t know was there previously.  It’s awesome how, when you follow God’s leading, so often you find the He had some surprises in store for you.

We had small group on Saturday night and then we got to have Aaron and Michelle over.  It’s so much fun to get to watch young people grow into the fantastic stories God has for them.  That makes me sound old, but I just love it.

I also finished Tim Roehl and Steve Ogne’s new book.  I’ll post about it tomorrow.  I’m trying to stay on pace with my reading goals.

on my list this week: I am doing my doctrinal questionnaire right now. Trying to do one question each day. Then I can do the things I love, including this Friday night’s Driven Disco Party! Looking forward to LJ’s new basketball team’s first game this weekend too.

current books: Roehl’s book has been absoltasticly fansolute. I’m serious. I’m gonna post about it later.

current writing: Doctrinal Statements, and I’ve got to start work on my history paper.

culture that’s caught me: U2 has an album coming.

question I’d ask God: How can I get rid of shin splints – fast?

how i’m feeling about this week: I have a fun life. It’s such an adventure all the time.

quote for the week: “I am gonna kick the darkness till it bleeds day-light.” ~Bruce Cockburn

running report: Did more miles than I wanted (6.6) because I got lost in Newport and have some pain in the lower legs.  But, some friends and I are looking at getting into our first race.  So, this morning I am starting to count the points.  Apparently every pound I lose will take 2 seconds off my mile time.  So, if I can trim 100 pounds off I’ll be able to make the Olympics!

Clean up

I’m going through the old blog and getting rid of a bunch of old posts that are irrelevant now.  I’ve got a lot of big changes happening and I thought it would be a good time.  There were 531 posts when I started, we’ll have to see how much poppycock I can get rid of.  This should also clean up my category cloud.

So, if you wanted to go through the archives and print up stuff to incriminate me later you need to get to it.  When I’m finished, I’ll delete this post too!

Searcy, Fusion

The first book I finished this year was Nelson Searcy’s Fusion.  Searcy is a church planter, pastor (Journey Church in NYC) and helps resource other church planters through his site, Church Leader Insights. It was a practical book about turning first time guests at your church into fully devoted members.  I read it as part of my church growth class for PESM, and thought it was very valuable for the new church plant I am leading.

The book is very practical with real ideas and real suggestions that any church can use.  It’s not a book just for mega-churches, or churches who wish they were mega.  No matter what size, style or place your church is, this book can be a valuable tool for you.

It’s not the type of book with life changing quotes, but it will be useful to help change lives of people who are newcomers to The Grove in North Albany.  I would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to help people know Jesus.  After all, if someone has been brave enough to visit a church, don’t you think you can be brave enough to help them connect?

pages read=176 ~ year to date=176 ~ 2009 goal=18,250 ~ (1%)

Free Laughs

Go check out these pictures and I promise you will smile!