It gets me in trouble…

I was talking with my Dad today, who is reading the new Rob Bell book that I gave him for Christmas, Jesus Came to Save the Christians.  I read it last week and it brings up some big questions (honestly, it says things that I hear NO other prominent American Christian authors saying.  Stuff I agree with.  A lot.)

So anyways, I’m talking with my dad and we’re discussing how we are trying to grow to the place where nothing else matters except Jesus and the gospel (to live is Christ, to die is gain).  We believe that striving to live this way has huge implications in the way you think (and vote) about issues today.  Like how much energy should we spend on fighting gay marriage in the U.S.  Like how we try to eliminate abortion.  Like how pastors preach and what they speak out about and how they enter people’s real lives.

So in the middle of this conversation I remark that living this way always gets me in trouble.

In trouble with Christians.

Really, it gets me in trouble with hyper-churched people.

The gospel will always get you in trouble with the people who want to have power and control.

Then, very quickly, I puke in my mouth.

It is a fine line to keep from getting trouble for being a (insert your idea here; I eliminated the word because I’m Canadian and I think the word I wrote was a cuss in the U.S., thanks Chelsea) and for getting in trouble for living and breathing the gospel.  One is done ignorantly and the latter is done full of love.

So, I developed one of my resolutions for 2009: I want to love Jesus and love people to the extent that it gets me in trouble.

Especially in trouble from people who want power and control instead of Jesus.

Should be a great year!


6 thoughts on “It gets me in trouble…

  1. I’m actually kind of hesitant to read that book, whereas Velvet Elvis was written as more of his own thoughts about things and what he’s discovered, I’ve heard that “Jesus Came to Save the Christians” is slightly more negative, which makes me wonder if by purposely writing it in the negative already defeats the purpose of reaching out to the Christians he believes need help/ change of focus.

    This of course is all coming from someone who hasn’t gotten a chance to read it yet, and is going off of some book reviews.


  2. Thats a good New Years Resolution. Mine’s kinda the same only more general. (this is the first year i’ve made a resolution.) And By the way was the word “Prick”? Because I dont think it’s a real swear word, plus ive heard you say it in youth group.


  3. I was just thinking of one person in my life, but it’s not fair to pin point a single person. I wouldn’t say that Rob’s point of his book isn’t solely to piss off Christians. I’ll finish the book and have something more to say about it.


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