This is a stunning video that I want to show everyone I possibly can.  It’s great to hear honesty and to help people understand that honest conversations are wonderful and bring joy to Jesus.  If you care at all about heaven and hell, this video will give you something to think about.


2 thoughts on “Witness

  1. Dang, Thats true. Having knowledge that could save someones life and not saying anything to them isnt showing people you love them very much. I respect Penn more after this video. I’ve seen him on tv and he really got on my nerves, but this is the REAL him. I love this video.


  2. Woah……………sort of a mind blowing few minutes. How could I be too afraid to tell someone about my God? What would happen if I threw caution to the wind everyday? What if I decided that God is more important than me all of the time rather than when I remember it? have to say that it is great to hear the perspective of Penn, who does not believe the same way that I do. How awesome would it be to blow Penn away like that. I can’t believe anymore that he’s in denial about God anymore. Just watch the way he is humbled. Maybe its optimistic thinking, or just belief that anyone can have their world shaken by God. He’s right, we’ve messed a lot of things up for religion, Christianity, whatever you want to call it. Good thing that God is way better than anything that I could dream up. Good thing God can fix this because I can’t even imagine where to begin. Good thing that I love God and even better that he loves me. I’m seriously sitting at my computer with a million thoughts going through my head. Wow……….I don’t know what else I can express right now. Thanks for posting this James!


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