What will you do with this?

Cost per year to achieve basic health and nutrition for the entire world: $13 billion
Clean water for all the world: $9 billion
Basic education for the world’s children: $6 billion

Total amount the US spends on Christmas each year: $450 billion

That’s 16 years worth of food, water, and education for the world.

The world.

Initial cost of the US Government bailout of failing financial institutions: $700 billion

That’s 25 years worth of food, water, and education for the world.

Who is our neighbor? Is it the bank? Is it the hungry, thirsty and ignorant?


3 thoughts on “What will you do with this?

  1. It’s a great point but the math has to be seriously flawed. The world population is roughly estimated at 6.7 billion people (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_population). So, for less than two dollars per person, everyone in the world will have basic medical care and nutrition for an entire year. Those number just don’t jive (and I am a South Albany High School graduate).

    Call me callused, but for less than $2, why wouldn’t I want want my cafe americano instead? It’s recyclable for crying out loud.

    I need it double cupped, too. I have sensitve skin.


  2. i think it’s like not including the people who are already okay. I actually didn’t even check the numbers, just cut and pasted. That’s how kids write stuff today 😉


  3. It cant be that easy to solve all the problems in the world. i still think everyone would be better off if there was no money. Im just not sure how we’d all function. There’d probobly be a Major war that would cost BIllions of Trillions of pointless imaginary dollars or some other currency. but It supposedly works in the Star Trek world. IDK. Its deffinetly worth researching deeper.


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