MMC: Dec. 15, 2008

weekend in review: This weekend I lost my Chucky Cheese’s virginity.  It was really fun.  I thought there would be thousands of screaming and oozing children running around, but it really wasn’t super busy.  The kids had a riot and I hit the jackpot on one of the slot machines built for children.  Then on Saturday and Sunday we started getting the snow!  Looks like it’s gonna stick around and give an early week to Christmas vacations too.   The children’s musical was this weekend at church also.  I gave the little wrap up at the end, interesting how the crowds had a super different vibe on Saturday night compared to Sunday morning.

on my list this week: Well, playing in the snow, duh!  I also want to go for a snow run, it’ll be softer and easier on my knees, provided they don’t freeze.  I also have a swell Christmas party planned for Driven on Wednesday night, but I’m not sure it’ll happen because of the weather.

current books: Christian Education, Foundations for the Future.  Super boring, but getting it done.

current writing: emails, emails, emails

culture that’s caught me: Kanye West preformed on SNL this weekend. Wow, even with the auto-tuner it laid flat. I understand his desire to push culture forward and I continue to appreciate that, but at what point do we decide this just isn’t a road we want to go down.

question I’d ask God: How does the Scripture all change if you had chosen an island nation instead of Israel?

how i’m feeling about this week: There’s a buzz in the air for Christmas, I love it. And our house is alive with the sounds of cheesy Christmas movies.

Quote for the week: “My avatar is dressed like a whore!” ~Tina Fey in Baby Mama

Running Report: none last week, but did practice again with the basketball team. Running with them is so much easier when I’m in shape!


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