Blogging is Awesome

Here’s why I love blogging:  People can search for all sorts of things and end up learning from all sorts of people.  IT’s great to connect humans from wildly different areas and paths of life because of common interests.  Here’s what people were looking for (their search engine terms) when they ended up here:

  • puking
  • church sluts
  • worshipjournal
  • all aout christmas
  • crocodiles rolling
  • instruments of good works
  • sick puke
  • the platypus
  • payless shaq

What does that tell you about the reorient?


4 thoughts on “Blogging is Awesome

  1. I think your blog represents that top pic a lot, there is so much stuff going on, but yet when you step back and look at it. Its actually pretty freakin awesome..

    and i think now that your all red and black here you need to throw up some v for vendetta crosses….its on that website there…even though they were the “bad guys”


  2. I search reorient on google. then i follow the link from your old blog. Thats how awesome I am. Ive never searched for puke before. I’ll have to try that. Oh, cool blog setup btw. Its very… red and black…


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