It’s been a while that I had the same theme here, so I’ve decided to make a change.  I’ve got some other changes going on, so it seemed like a great time to do this too.

Now, there’s more columns, so those of you with low resolution, sorry – but this is better navigating around.

Thanks for even reading – it’s a lot of fun for me to be able to have conversations here and to be able to put thoughts out there for refinement and discussion.

The internets rock!

As a tribute to the switch, here’s a Will Smith video of the song Switch! Of course, we can’t embed it anymore because universal music group is still working in the dark ages…but that’s another post for another day. This song was the beginning of his ‘comeback’ and is the only reason why everybody loves parties in parking garages.

I’ll give you a dollar if you can actually listen to this whole song and not want to dance!


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