Life Coaching: How to stop wasting time on Facebook

I figure after 31 years of life, it’s time for me to pass on some of the vast array of knowledge I have gathered. So, this is an ongoing series in the reorient blog. No thanks required, and feel free to add your tips to my lists.

1.  There’s a red X in the top right corner of your screen.  Click it and see what happens.

2.  Leave nasty comments on other people’s wall.  They will give you a virus and then your computer won’t work, which makes it impossible to be on facebook.  Unless you use your phone to get on facebook.

3.  Drop your computer in the bathtub.  Similar to #2, but quicker.

4.  Never, ever, ever take a picture and then exclaim, “This is gonna make a great profile pic!”

5.  Connect your facebook status to someone else’s twitter.  Make it someone famous and interesting.  Like an Illinois politician.

6.  Spend all your time reading blogs.  Aren’t ideas so much safer than people anyways?

Edit: here’s some more food for thought from a Canadian Television show called This Hour Has 22 Minutes:


2 thoughts on “Life Coaching: How to stop wasting time on Facebook

  1. that is really funny, because i have heard tons of people say they were facestalking…and its pretty much that without actually talking to the person….kinda creepy really

    oh and when the new page?


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