This is a fantastic little video that helps churchy people think about our place in culture, how we behave and how we are perceived.

What do you think?  And more importantly, should the church be like starbucks?


5 thoughts on “Starbucks

  1. Sorry one more thing: Just found out F.H. Church is 7th Day Adventist. I don’t agree with them on a lot of theological things but we can definitely use their media ideas.


  2. Wow,I can see so many churches like this. This is a really good analogy and just goes to show the awesome power of parables if put into more modern ways of understanding. Jesus must’ve known what he was doing when he taught. I think this is a frightening satire and serves as a good warning to watch our church leaders and ourselves around new members and visitors and also to make sure that we dont revert back to this behavior. That is making sure the church doesnt become a ‘safe haven’ for Christians were we come to escape. we should have fellowship with our “Brothers and Sisters” but we should look at the church as what it is. A body of people gathered to worship God and reach out to the community He’s put us in. The church is not a sanctuary for just us. If anything Its a sanctuary to the world in need, and were the caregivers.


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