Sacramento NYWC 12 – MarkO

So, this is finally my last post about the Sacramento NYWC.  I always come home with such a full notebook and its great to be able to process it here and get feedback and clairfy my learning.

This final post is about the final session at NYWC, where MarkO takes the stage and just inspires the hockeysticks out of us youthworkers  and sends us out to storm the world in faith.  I had never before been able to stay for the last session because of early flights, so I went in pretty amped.

MarkO’s talk was on the trends of emphasis for the three major tasks of adolescence (identity, autonomy and affinity).  He then explored how affinity seems to be the current emphasis and that there must be a shift from what the current reality is, to a new reality in youth ministry.  Much of this is available in his book Youth Ministry 3.0, which I have skimmed, but has to wait for a full reading until I’m done with school reading (I am particularly interested in it because I am quoted in it a couple times, but that’s a story for another day).

In the middle of this Mark talked about the inter-related nature of community and mission.  It was remarkable to me because it was a sermon I gave at Kainos last year, so it was like, no duh… except I took it a little further than Mark.  It made me feel VERY good though, because sometimes I wonder how far out I am and hearing it on the mainstage at YS kind of justified my thinking paths.  It blessed me, not because of how novel the ideas were, but because I recognized something that I feel in me that I haven’t seen in too many other major church leaders.


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