MMC November 17, 2008

weekend in review: Great great weekend! Got to watch LJ play basketball Saturday morning. This was his first game with an actual referee. LJ thought that was really cool to have a referee. Then we went over to lovely Corvallis for some shopping, watched the great Beavers game, and went to a birthday party for our friends’ daughter who was turning 5. Then church on Sunday am followed by an awesome small group (We are reading Adventures in Missing the Point together and last night we tackled the big issue of homosexuality. Really great discussion; my group is so strong in their love for Jesus and their willingness to see how that live out in real life. It’s a riot to be a part of.). Somewhere in there I played a ton of Rock Band 2 with a few students. Our band was about to try for an airplane when I had to go to sleep.

on my list this week: lots of ends to tie up, including a computer purchase and a mission trip blitz.

current books: Starting Purpose Driven Churches by Sylvia.

current writing: nothing but blogs.

culture that’s caught me: There’s a buttload of cool stuff I saw this past week, since I was at PESM and had net surfing galore.

Yes you see what you think you see.  If you really want to stick it to the airport security, try using this luggage.  I can’t find a link to buy it and I saw it on a French blog so it’s a bit confusing to see if it’s even available.  It might just be artistic, but it seems to practical at the same time!

I saw this motivational poster on Tony Jones’ new blog.  It’s pretty funny.

On a side note, it seems BeliefNet has purchased a couple Christian celebrity bloggers for themselves and Tony Jones has moved over to being a blogger for them.  This has happened at the same time as Emergent has ended his role as national coordinator and moved towards being more of a social networking organization.

And finally, this is a skull belt buckle I saw on boingboing, a blog which I had never read before today.  It is a skull belt buckle which operates as an mp3 player at the same time.  Besides being genius, one must ask themselves, ‘Who wears such a contraption?’ and ‘Why?’

question I’d ask God: how long till i get a memory chip implanted in my brain to remember things for me?

how i’m feeling about this week: pretty good, starting to plan for birthday parties and Christmas, how could i not be excited!

Quote for the week: “In a church that is overmanaged and underled, we desperately need our bishops to become leaders in the decentralization and creation of a new connection.” ~ Andy Langford & Will Willamon


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