10 Reasons You’re Gonna Fail

This isn’t about personal failure, like you are a loser.  This is an interesting list about failure as applied to systems like organizations, relationships and sports teams.  I found it on Tony Morgan‘s blog.

10 Reasons Why You’re Probably Going to Fail

  1. It’s not your passion. If it doesn’t make your heart beat fast or cause your mind to race when you’re trying to sleep, you’re probably doing the wrong thing.
  2. You don’t have a plan. You need a vision, and you need to identify specific steps to make that vision become reality. That includes a financial plan. (I happen to believe you need direction from God on this.)
  3. You’re waiting for it to be perfect. Test-drive it. Beta-test that new idea. You’ll fall into the trap of inaction if you think it has to be absolutely right from day one.
  4. You’re not willing to work hard. Everything worth pursuing in my life has involved discipline and perseverance.
  5. It’ll outgrow you. Keep learning. Keep growing. But more importantly, build a team of people including leaders that can be who you’re not.
  6. You’ve had success in the past. I’ve watched organizations hang on to a good idea for too long. Time passes. Momentum fades. It’s risky to let go of the past and jump on the next wave.
  7. You’re unwilling to stop doing something else. Complexity is easy. Simplicity takes discipline. You can’t build a healthy marriage if you’re unwilling to give up dating other women. Who/what do you need to stop dating?
  8. You won’t build a team of friends. Anyone can hire from a resume. You need to find people you want to share life with. In the long run, great relationships will get you out of bed in the morning.
  9. You won’t have the tough conversations. When breakdown happens (and it always does), someone needs to put on their big-boy pants and initiate the difficult conversation that leads to relational healing.
  10. You’re afraid of failure. When fear consumes you, it will cause you to do stupid things. You’ll let negativity distract you. You’ll embrace the known, and grow comfortable with mediocrity. The more often you fail, though, the more often you’ll find success.

What’s your most difficult hurdle?

For me, it’s number 9 because I have hurt people by being insensitive in the past.  My personality type has to be kept in check, because when I am HALT (hungry, angry, lonely or tired; it’s an acronym from the recovery movement that helps me a great deal.) I tend to run over people in order to achieve goals.  My big mistake is when I forget that people are the point.  To that end, I sometimes will avoid the tough conversations because I suck at them.

So, comment below – why are you going to fail?


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons You’re Gonna Fail

  1. I have to say #3 is why I’d fail. This is a reason why I’ve gotten a lot of dissatisfaction out of life in general. I have struggled with the fact that what I envision in my mind is not necessarily the truth. God, in all of his awesomeness, is a pretty humbling dude. I work each day to find satisfaction in places where I would have found failure before.


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