Older Adults Growing U.S. Market
41% of American adults are over 50, the highest percentage in U.S. history.

People over 55 own 77% of all financial assets in the United States.

50+ adults account for 45% of U.S. consumer spending, $2.1 trillion per year.

By 2011 the American 50+ population will surpass the 100 million mark.

So what does this mean for this country and for the church?


5 thoughts on “Implications

  1. This data alone isn’t enough to even begin to make guesses on church trends, and what it will mean for the church, first we would have to analyze the amount of people in that group who are church goers, take the way the economy may be heading into account, figure out how much is already being spent in aid projects, rates of inflation and what that could forebode/how that affects those statistics, along with a multitude of other variables, etc….

    And since I’ve been taught to do this lately: where did the statistics listed above come from?


  2. the stats came from leadership network, a christian leadership organization. i trust them.

    and i can make some guesses on them – like the church is gonna get older lol.

    seriously though, perhaps we should hire seniors’ pastors? i’ve thought this for a while. i think the future is going to see seniors ministry begin to look a lot like youth ministry because the generation that is retiring right now first became christians in a youth group – and when they retire they will have just as much free time as when they were younger…


  3. ah silly me then, I was almost positive you were going more in the direction of the implications of the money involved. Yeah, maybe, it will be similar but not quite the same as youth group though, the atmosphere would be much different aside from age, but in general attitude, slightly more wise and less rash etc…


  4. oh you are right – the money will be interesting. the standard rule is that much much more money is given to the church by older folks, so increasing the older folks means increasing budgets (perhaps)…so how wild will that seniors ministry be? haha


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