Sacramento NYWC 11 – Tony Campolo

Early on Monday morning I got in late to a Tony Campolo seminar called, Christianity: Modern and Postmodern.  I was excited about it because I knew it would have nothing to do with the title.  They could have called it Tony Campolo washes dishes while wearing a black turtleneck and just as many people would have been there.  Here’s what I wrote:

  • Freud: individualism vs. Bible: community
  • Skinner: past orientation vs. Bible: faith, hope, future
  • new names: because the future determines who we are more than the past
  • the clock as a death denial system
  • book: “The Denial of Death” read the Wiki too
  • Freud shifted from the suppression of libido to the suppression of the fear of death as he aged
  • Autonomy: Being and Nothingness by Sarte
  • Who you are is determined by your choice of who/what you are committed to.  You become what you serve.
  • knowing who you are will make you a leader.  You know this by knowing what you are committed to.
  • Relativity: values become relative, but this falls apart in practice because of a universal agreement towards justice; anthropology reveals the erro of relativity.
  • quoting Kant, “Transcendental categories of our perception.”
  • Postmodernism: environmentalism can be motivated by Ps. 148 because creation is worshipping
  • Self-Acalization: Campolo suggested that gospel oriented youth pastors will end up fighting parents who believe they have a “lasting” right to define their kids’ identity (rather than the kids’ future defining it).
  • Clement of Alexandria: Jesus made yokes that were outstanding and light and easy.
  • How do we hold a sacredness to the environment without becoming New Age?  Heresy comes from neglected truth
  • Genesis 1: Harvey Cox, it establishes God as the creator of all the things people worship falsely
  • It wasn’t until Noah that God gave permission to kill animals and eat.  I haven’t looked this up though.
  • Edison: 4,000 failed experiments to develop the light bulb. How does this apply to the emerging church?
  • What does this rock teach you about Jesus?

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