MMC November 10, 2008

weekend in review: Great weekend! I got to rake all the leaves off my back and front lawns. I now have the biggest pile of leaves on the street, waiting for the city to pick them up. I wrote most of my history paper, just some supporting quotes to add later this afternoon. I also got to begin to teach my son about football. Even before basketball, football was my first love so it’s really fun for me to teach LJ. Luckily, he has inherited my love for the receiver position as well because there’s no glory in playing a position that doesn’t score!

on my list this week: I’m at PESM, so I will be doing a lot of class work, reading as much as possible, encouraging my friends and figuring out what on earth we can do to help the earth be recapitulated in Jesus Christ.

current books: I found out this morning that my stuff is due at the end of January, not March. Therefore I will be catching up on my reading so that it doesn’t kill me in January. If you wanted me to waste some time with you in January….not gonna happen this year!  So next on the list is CE: Foundations of the Future.  Dull.

current writing: I have to finish up my paper this afternoon, then I’ll probably chill on the writing end.

culture that’s caught me: I read quote of Kierkegaard on the blog of Will Willamon:

As long as the clergy were exalted, sacrosanct in the eyes of men, Christianity continued to be preached in all its severity. For even if the clergy did not take it too strictly, people dared not argue with the clergy, and they could quite well lay on the burden and dare to be severe.

But gradually, as the nimbus faded away, the clergy got into the position of themselves being controlled. So there was nothing to do but to water down Christianity. And so they continued to water it down till in the end they achieved perfect conformity with an ordinary worldly run of ideas – which were proclaimed as Christianity. That is more or less Protestantism as it is now.

The good thing is that it is not longer possible to be severe to others if one is not so towards oneself. Only someone who is really strict with himself can dare nowadays to proclaim Christianity in its severity, and even then things may go badly for him.
–Kierkegaard, Journals[1]

question I’d ask God: How can we achieve balance in value and practice of paradigms of cultural engagement?

how i’m feeling about this week: I forgot my pillow and sleeping bag, so I’m going shopping. Other than that I enjoy the time at PESM, but it has such a high cost of being away from my fam.

Quote for the week: “I would rather spend an hour among the notorious than two minutes with the dull.” ~Stephanie Barron


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