Sacramento NYWC 10 – Tony Campolo

While I don’t always agree with Tony Campolo, he is always convicting to me when he speaks. I really appreciate his willingness to be a prophetic voice in the world today. This evening Sunday evening talk was no different. Here’s what I wrote while he spoke:

  • Revelation 17,19&19: Tony presented a hermeneutical view that considers Revelation as referring to the Roman Empire; a view that says most of the writing in Revelation has already taken place.  He leaned heavily into a liberation theology.
  • This way, he was able to present Babylon and New Jerusalem as apocalyptic ode words for the dominant culture and the current people of God.
  • America is the best Babylon on earth, but it is still Babylon
  • So, when Babylon collapses, will you mourn with the merchants or will you celebrate the death of the whore?
  • The sentence above is what I mean when I say Campolo speaks with a prophetic voice
  • He preached against retirement savings.  I didn’t like this though because he used verses that had a socio-economic context that was very, very different than that of America.  There isn’t one-to-one correlation in my mind.
  • he predicted the collapse of religious schools that are tuition driven, the end of generous missionary giving and wondered what would happen to the church when it runs out of resources.
  • 1 John 3:17-18 & Philippians 2
  • doulous >>slave; of no reputation
  • don’t let the politicians keep the Christians from looking for alternative solutions
  • The Good News is: the church has always done its best work when it was stripped of wealth and power

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