Sacramento NYWC 8 – Dale Fincher

Dale Fincher is a self-professed author and speaker (I always wonder about people who refer to themselves as authors and speakers.  I wonder what they author and speak?), as you can see on his website.  He runs a ministry about apologetics for students living in the emerging postmodern age.  He is smart and speaks really well, too.  I appreciated his presentation.  His seminar was about a new kind of apologetics.  I stayed all the way through, but skipped out on the audience questions to do dinner with the whole group of PacNW ECNA YP’s at Spaghetti Factory.  Here’s the cool notes (some of his thoughts, some of my thoughts) I got from this seminar:

  • Who do we pay taxes to?  His image is on the coin.  IF you see God’s image on anything, give that to God
  • quoting a young student: The virgin birth is true because it is so beautiful, irregardless of whether or not it happened.
  • I believe in life before death.  Our message has subtly become, “suffer long enough and you’ll get rewarded after death.
  • conversational, imaginative, personal
  • What makes us human?
  • truth is a means: freedom is the end
  • in mormonism, women are less human, which is very suspicious (check his website for more info)
  • Tools for thinking are needed for students, not just moralistic, theistic and deist innoculations
  • the human way: ask what is universally human?  connect people at these points and relay that fully human is Jesus’ way.

5 thoughts on “Sacramento NYWC 8 – Dale Fincher

  1. Cool post. 🙂 Glad you got some stuff to chew on from the seminar!

    The ‘true because it’s beautiful’ is from Dr. Tickle’s general session presentation. I’m not sure I agree with it, personally, as it disconnects us from the earth.

    “author and speaker”… LOL



  2. first off cool to see dale wrote on this…cause it was his talk…

    but just finished all the SAC NYWC stuff…and it was crazy that some things really like hit me to what i felt and there was some really great insights, at least that i could tell from your notes…i love how YW are able to get together and talk and chill…

    cant wait till i get to go again…it was awsome and looks like it will always be awesome…

    if there is more ill be happy to read


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