Sacramento NYWC 7 – Mark Yaconelli

Mark Yaconelli’s general session was by far the best.  BY FAR.  That’s not even a slam on the other speakers or bands, it is testament only, to how God used him to speak to me personally.  so, my evalution is entirely subjective.  Objectiveness is totally overrated anyways.  Here’s what I wrote as he spoke on The Soul:

  • the soul is the place where you are deeply yourself.  It is where you carry the image of God
  • There are no levels of holiness: you are there or you are not.
  • The invitation of prayer is to become aware of reality: the truth of God which is fully available and fully present.
  • the intersection between aging and prayer (inward looking)
  • Soul is where wonder is present
  • Soul is the mourning place
  • our culture suffers from ungrieved grief.
  • we must slow down enough to cry (catholic tradition of praying for tears, compassion)
  • Is it a tragedy that we have youth ministries?  Students need parents, teachers, neighbors, mentors, etc.
  • Soul is the place where joy is
  • the core belief/contention that there exists healing and light and hope
  • this is freedom and peace (my thought: many people never get down to the soul so our Christianity is enslaved by tradition, culture, appearance, or rules and Peace remains undiscovered).
  • the REAL GOD is always good news
  • real joy always occurs int he midst of suffering
  • in order to diffuse tension at a meeting: make everyone at the meeting wear pictures of themselves when they were in middle school.

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