MMC – November 3, 2008

weekend in review: I didn’t blog at all last week becuz i was ill and wanted to spend the little bits of energy I had elsewhere.  Apologies to those of you who found this blog searching for “puking”.  This week should have more.

Good weekend though, started off with the Hall@*!w$%*n party at the Boys n Girls club.  We call it a Pumpkin Party now and then I have to explain to my friends why we don’t just use the word Hall$*@w#$*n, a question for which I don’t have a good answer.  If you do, please let me know.

Then I got to spend some time on the video phone with my Dad, go to a basketball game.  LJ is averaging 2 points per game so far.  It’s really fun to watch him play, he is the only kindergartener on his team of 1st graders so it’s a good challenge for him.  Then we got to a 2nd birthday party for Lily at which Lincon (who is also like 2) asked me if I wanted more pizza and then went and got me some.  It was probably the funniest moment of my whole weekend.  Then I got to lay around the rest of the day and play wii with LJ.  That was also very good.

Sunday night we had our small group.  We discussed “missing the point in theology.”  As a part of the night we developed theologies of suffering & evil, divorce and homosexuality.  Our group is so robust and daring to take on challenges like this – it was a really cool excercise fo rme to be a part of.  And somebody brought killer brownie-like desserts.  I had like 7.

on my list this week: I am going to debrief blog on the National Youth Worker Convention from 3 weeks ago.  so the content won’t be fresh, but it ages well :).  I also have a few important meetings and I’m going to be writing a bunch for PESM next week.  I need to find a couple books over at the OSU library too.  I’ve never been in that library though and don’t even know where it is.  I may need help!

current books: I’ll be taking a break from text bok reading this week and catching back up next week so that I can finish my papers this week.  I did finish up last week though, thanks to my laying around.  If I do read, though, it’ll be CE: Foundations for the Future.

current writing: I have to get to work on my CE assignemnts, crunch some numbers for my growth class and at least outling my history paper.  same as last week.

culture that’s caught me: I’m watching a documentary right now called HellHouse.  Really interesting for me to watch and try to figure out what motivates these folks and how they come to the decisions that they do.

question I’d ask God: Why do we hate the electoral system that we created?  REally, I’d like to ask that to regular people, but this is my backwards way of doing just that.

how i’m feeling about this week: Great!  It’s so awesome to be feeling almost healthy.

Ran last week:
none, layed around sick instead

Goal for this week: to run. maybe.

Quote for the week: “Perhaps we need new missionary categories: unchurched, churched and postchurched.”


One thought on “MMC – November 3, 2008

  1. I kind of like the electoral system in that it gives you more of a voice, because all of the sudden it becomes vital that people vote or get others to vote so that their candidate wins x amount of points for their state.

    otherwise the vote that was cast would be just another drop in the bucket, one of millions.

    What I don’t like is how candidates tend to ignore the states they believe to already be their’s or their opponent’s.


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