This is a fantastic little video that helps churchy people think about our place in culture, how we behave and how we are perceived.

What do you think?  And more importantly, should the church be like starbucks?



I saw this on my friend Rob’s blog.  It’s amusing.

MMC November 24, 2008

weekend in review: Had a really long weekend.  Worked a bunch with the Strategic Leadership Team at the church.  Played a load of video games with LJ.  Watched Star Wars 1 with Lj and Khobi.  Got gold medal 100 on Blockles.  The most fun part, though, was watching LJ play his last ball game.  He got 3 or 4 baskets, but didn’t pass even once.  Not surprising though, since there were about 5 passes in the whole game.  We also had a riot yelling at the TV during the Beavers game.  I think Riley should get coach of the year for putting that kicker back in the game to win it after the missed extra point.  Bring on the Ducks! …and Penn State?

on my list this week: Thanksgiving.  It’s getting to be so much fun to do family gatherings as the kids get older.  I know this is only like a 10-20 year window too.  So I’m always really trying to live in the moment.

current books: Starting Purpose Driven Churches by Sylvia.  I didn’t read a single page of it last week.  I was enthralled by a Rolling Stone article on the Taliban in Afganistan though.  Super fascinating.

current writing: nada.

culture that’s caught me: Kanye West continually amazes me with his creativity.  Here’s his newish video for Love Lockdown.

question I’d ask God: where did plaid come from?

how i’m feeling about this week: Awesome. Nobody likes turkeys anyways. And there’s good movies coming out for DVD

Quote for the week:

“It’s our responsibility as musicians to keep pushing each other, to keep competing with each other. It’s a really great competition. I see artists like Beyonce and Alicia Keys and Rihanna and Chris Brown and Chris Martin all in the same room and we’re going to push this music to the point where it was like in the 1960s and ’70s where you talk about Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles. We will be the new Beatles. We will be the new Hendrix. They say in any other industry, you know, you’re supposed to do better than the past … but when you say, ‘I want to be Elvis,’ they say, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ Well, I wanna be Elvis.”

~Kanye West at the American Music Awards.

Running Report: I actually ran 2 miles this week.  More than nothing.

Life Coaching: How to cross a river with multiple crocodiles in it

I figure after 31 years of life, it’s time for me to pass on some of the vast array of knowledge I have gathered.  So, this will likely be an ongoing series in the reorient blog.  No thanks required, and feel free to add your tips to my lists.

1.  Don’t wear leopard or zebra print.  This is attractive to crocodiles.  I would suggest wearing something less appetizing like broccoli or oatmeal.  Crocodiles hate those.

2.  Avoid reffering to the crocodiles as alligators.  Always treat crocodiles as you would like to be treated.  You’d hate it if the crocodiles called you a featherless chicken.

3.  Swim underwater not on the surface.  This way the crocodiles will assume you are stupid and may avoid eating you because you might not taste as good.  The added bonus is that, on occasion that the crocodiles do eat you, you can tell St. Peter you didn’t even see them because you were swimming under water.  This is called ‘The Stupid Strategy’.  It’s really famous.

4.  If you have a friend with you push them into the water first.  Hopefully they will be mad at you and splash around while yelling and screaming at you.  This will attract all the crocodiles to themselves while you can quickly go across the river a few yards away.  Don’t use this strategy if your friend owes you money.

Christmas Choir Ideas

Our church doesn’t normally have a choir, but some peeps put one together for Christmas.  Here’s some ideas I would suggest for songs:

Why Dads Deserve Medals

Sacramento NYWC 12 – MarkO

So, this is finally my last post about the Sacramento NYWC.  I always come home with such a full notebook and its great to be able to process it here and get feedback and clairfy my learning.

This final post is about the final session at NYWC, where MarkO takes the stage and just inspires the hockeysticks out of us youthworkers  and sends us out to storm the world in faith.  I had never before been able to stay for the last session because of early flights, so I went in pretty amped.

MarkO’s talk was on the trends of emphasis for the three major tasks of adolescence (identity, autonomy and affinity).  He then explored how affinity seems to be the current emphasis and that there must be a shift from what the current reality is, to a new reality in youth ministry.  Much of this is available in his book Youth Ministry 3.0, which I have skimmed, but has to wait for a full reading until I’m done with school reading (I am particularly interested in it because I am quoted in it a couple times, but that’s a story for another day).

In the middle of this Mark talked about the inter-related nature of community and mission.  It was remarkable to me because it was a sermon I gave at Kainos last year, so it was like, no duh… except I took it a little further than Mark.  It made me feel VERY good though, because sometimes I wonder how far out I am and hearing it on the mainstage at YS kind of justified my thinking paths.  It blessed me, not because of how novel the ideas were, but because I recognized something that I feel in me that I haven’t seen in too many other major church leaders.