This is such an interesting political campaign ad. Before I post my thoughts, I’d love to hear some others.

Just a disclaimer though, I had to look up who Udall was and where he was running. And I didn’t check to see which party he belonged to, so I’m not interested in that kind of conversation. I’d rather us talk about what you noticed in the ad, and what it made you feel and think.


7 thoughts on “Humbled

  1. Tom Udall
    New Mexico
    House of Representatives since 1999
    Is currently running for New Mexico’s open Senate Seat.
    1991-1999 = Attorney General of New Mexico
    Member of the LDS Church
    And according to Wikipedia is a cousin of Gordon Smith


  2. That was freakin awsome…thats the first campaign ad that i havent seen about attacking the aponient at all in it, it was from his heart, and deep…

    showed me someone in politics actually cares, even if it is just something to get votes, i really did like it a lot.


  3. Unfortunately you never can tell if he sincerely meant it. If he had actually faced the camera and spoke into it I’d be more liable to believe him, partially because you can read their expressions even when they may be acting.

    But since it was only a voice-over it becomes exponentially harder to try to read how they really feel….


  4. I thought it was a decent ad. I really like how it didnt attack anyone like Aaron said. But I do think they were trying to play with peoples emotions using the sad, quiet, emotional piano music in the background. I thought that was kind of cheesy.


  5. Ok – so here’s my thoughts to add –

    I think it’s sad that taking care of veterans is seen an option. I think the way that a nation treats its soldiers is revealing as to the primary motivations of that nation.

    I also think its sad that we live in a kind of political climate where we have to wonder about the authenticity of a politicians motivation. This is, at least in part, because of the status and cash flow that one receives when in public office. When someone runs for mayor of smalltown, USA – we know they are not in it for the money. The problem is, the higher up positions do involve a lot of benefit for the person – so, are they benefiting themselves or the populous served? Neither of which is to be condemned, btw – because the latter is honorable and the former is a perfect example of capitalism – taking advantage for personal gain (though this does reveal the weakness of a capitalist system).


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