MMC – October 13, 2008

weekend in review: I spent the weekend in Sacramento for the National Youth Worker Convention.  I’m actually in the Sacramento airport right now.  So, it was fantastic of course.  I have loads of notes which I will blog for your perusal soon.

on my list this week: Got meetings and more meetings.  Lots of stuff to do in between.

current books: I finished reading Richards’ C.E. book and Stonehouse’s book about Moral Devlopment.  I am currently reading MarkO’s Youth Ministry 3.0.  They also gave us Rob Bell’s new book for free.  I’ll have to keep up my 25 pages a day pace!

current writing: I have a proposal that must get finished this week, like early this week.  Like by Thursday.  then I have a couple assignments that will need to be pounded out.

culture that’s caught me: I have Christian Smith’s DVD called Soul Searching in my dvd player but I really want to sit and watch it straight through. I’m having trouble getting 90 minutes in a row where I’m not falling asleep. But I did see a lot of cool art in the Sacramento airport. Just more prof that communism would suck. 🙂

question I’d ask God: Could you explain the process that Jesus went through as he began to understand the implications on his life of his messiahship. With apologies, of course, for calling it a messiahship.

how i’m feeling about this week: Feeling good. I’ve got some travel to deal with and stufff, but I am going to get to take care of some things that I’ve been hoping for. Also, I’m going to a catholic wedding. woot woot.

Ran last week: didn’t put any runs into my schedule but walked like crazy at the convention. Really burnt my leg muscles, but felt no knee pain.

Goal for this week: i think I’d like to do like 5-9 miles this week, i’ll give it a go tommorrow and see how the legs are.

Quote for the week: “I love America! It’s the best Babylon of them all!” ~Tony Campolo


One thought on “MMC – October 13, 2008

  1. The Man Bear Pig/ Trinity analogy might better than the Three Leaf Clover/ Trinity analogy by St.Patrick. Both were ideas of Irishmen. Coinsidence? I think not. lol


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