MMC – October 6, 2008

weekend in review: Had a good weekend. Read a lot of the Church History texts. Wondered what the heck was wrong with all those popes. i also got to play a lot with the kids. Sunday was a thorough day, though because I had church and led my small (?) group while I also had to prepare to lead a funeral today.

on my list this week: I have to tie up a lot of loose ends as I have a short week. I actually try to block my day into thirds (am, afternoon, evening) and I don’t have a block off for the family and kids until next monday night. That’s going to be rough.

current books: This week it’s Creative Bible Teaching by Richards and then Patterns in Moral Development by Stonehouse. I am about 4 days behind on my 25 pages per day schedule.

current writing: I finished my assignments last week. Last night I spent a few hours writing up a memorial service today. It was my first time leading a whole funeral on my own. It was really new for me to be used by God to help a family process their grief and grow in unity around their common loss. This week I have a presentation for a meeting at the end of this month that I have to work on. I want to send it in early.

culture that’s caught me: The Unit is back on and had a really stellar opening week. I haven’t seen last night’s yet, but it’s on the DVR. I’m also interested to see previews of the new season of 24, where Jack Bauer is taking on the cause against child soldiers.

question I’d ask God: Why death?

how i’m feeling about this week: Really great. Going to do the NYWC this weekend, so I am looking forward to that refreshment.

Ran last week: none, just did walks because my knees kill

Goal for this week: probably just more walks. Scheduling difficulties right now!

Quote for the week: It’s easy to be against something that you’re afraid of. And it’s easy to be afraid of something that you don’t understand. ~Seth Godin


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