This is just fun to keep focused; I put my music on my computer on shuffle I am going to write down the first couple lines from every song. It should say something about me, right?

1. Oh Lord have mercy on me / According to your unfailing love
2. we’re at the crossroads my dear / where do we go from here?
3.picked up the paper and read the news / can you believe what is happening?
4. Life is cheap, bittersweet, but it taste good to me / Take my turn, crash and burn / That’s how it’s supposed to be
5. hey, hey guys, hey hey guys / what’s the prize if we want it?
6. jesus / i feel you near me
7. stars shinning / trees growing if I say
8. all creatures of our God and King / lift up your voice and with us sing
9. O no, I see, I spun a web, it’s tangled up with me / And I lost my head, / The thought of all the stupid things I said
10. things aren’t exactly what I thought they would be / I won’t pretend disappointments never free / the sky’s on fire

So…what does that all mean?


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