MMC – Sept 29, 2008

weekend in review: Friday morning I went for a run in the freezing cold. It was horrid on my knees, they hurt a bunch. I figure they never warmed up. So, too make this better I spent 10 of the next 24 hours sitting in one position behind the wheel of the minivan. It was a fun trip up to Seattle with LJ to help Chris move into SPU. I love the vibe in Seattle, as most people do. Then, yesterday morning I preached the two services here at SACC. It went over really well, I appreciate hearing the seniors, “we’re so proud of you!” and the people who say, “you certainly gave us something to think about” and the people who say, “that touched me, in a way I haven’t felt in a while.” I like to hear these comments because it reminds me that God is continuing to work and He is continuing to do things that matter in real people’s lives. Then Sunday afternoon I watched RV with LJ, went to the park with the whole family and then watched the new Zack and Cody show, Suite Life on Deck. I actually laughed out loud so uncontrollably that we had to rewind it to hear it again. That show must have upped it’s writer’s budget.

on my list this week: working on getting a new laptop, making some contacts with local pastors, starting/planning a month on freaky spiritual stuff for the HS ministry, I’m 100 pages behind on my reading, developing a job description for an adjusted position (yes, that was a tease, I apologise), find a corn maze, email the board of ministry about getting ordained next year, do meetings, and buy plane tickets.

current books: I’m reading The Story of Christianity by Justo Gonzalez. I’m thinking my 25 pages a day pace might be doable in the way I work. This would mean I would be done school reading in December and done my reading shelf in 2010. I have about 70 books on my “to-read” shelves. And, at 25 pages a day, I should be able to do about a book a week, which is reasonable for a guy with my responsibilities…maybe. Anyways – I am behind after giving my weekend to LJ, my brother-in-law, and my church (all of which I am pleased with).

current writing: I have an assigment on Wednesday, so I will surely be writing that. Plus talks for 3 wednesday nights in october, and some administrative papers

culture that’s caught me: I love asbo Jesus, and this one made me laugh out loud:

asbo sinner

Also, Lj and I listen to Naked Brothers Band, I Don’t Want to go to School every morning on the way to school.

question I’d ask God: If you had to pick your 3 favorite theologians from 100 AD to today, who are they?

how i’m feeling about this week: Pretty good. I’m close to going to the NYWC, which will provide a rest for me, which I will greatly appreciate.

Ran last week: 9.3 miles. But got sore, so did some walking too.

Goal for this week: to walk my knees back to feeling good. So this week’s goal is health and figuring out how to ride in a car for an extended time without screwing myself up.

Quote for the week: The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends ont he unreasonable man. ~ George Dernard Shaw


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