God is in the business…

Partly as a tribute to the Stuff Christians Like blog, I need to get this out there…

God is in the business of…(googled)

  • changing lives
  • giving us a future
  • opening and shutting doors
  • raising dead congregations to life again
  • shattering expectations
  • doing the impossible
  • dealing with our unrighteous rebellion and our self-righteous religion by offering us genuine righteousness through a relationship (that one was just too long)
  • creating aliens

I don’t like the way this saying feels.  It just seems like a weird way of phrasing.

We like to use it to point out the things that God does, but why is it framed in this way?

I’m sure God likes to do all of those things, but maybe I’m uncomfortable with it put into a business lens because the point of business is to make money and I don’t think God is changing lives/giving us a future/creating aliens in order to make money.

Perhaps the even bigger problem is that I can’t figure out another way to put this.  I understand and agree with the intention of saying “God works”, but I need it to be put in a different way.

Can you help?  How can we create a new phrase and slowly reculture all of western-business minded Christianity?


2 thoughts on “God is in the business…

  1. I guess if I am reading this right that there is a problem with a “corporate” meaning pushed on the gospel? But isn’t that the same as when we push the idea of “kingdom”; in other words are we not just pushing our cultural construct of “corporate” thinking whether we call it kingdom or business. In the end, it seems that we are only talking about one section of the gospel, and that is the reason that is seems so out of place. If business was put along side creation, fall, redemption, restoration (in an act of balance) would it be more palatable? It makes more sense to me this way.

    For example, we take the idea of the meaning of life as to glorify God and enjoy him forever, how do we phrase that in a business model? God is in the business to glorify himself? Although true, it sounds jaded on its face; yet if God is seen as self-glorifing in his creation and all of the way through to restoration (corporate or other wise) it becomes “kingdom” corporate and appropriate within culture. I think we are just better at soothing people by sanding off some of the hard edges and pushing a religion of “God is here to glorify you” rather than God recieving all glory honor and praise. “God is in the justice business” only sells to the justified. “God is in the Santa Claus business” is tastier.

    I am the worst at this than anybody. I will give God all the glory one minute and the next stub my toe and wonder why God wasn’t there to move that wall out of the way so I didn’t feel uncomfortable. I love my comfort idolatry.


  2. I would enjoy seeing a “The gospel according to Capitalism” book – it would at least stir some feathers. I think my big problem is that it’s not a metaphor that is found in the Bible… at least one i can think of. So, when we overuse it, it becomes too simplified, like this is what God does all day – which seems absurd to me.


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