Hohensee, Your Spiritual Gifts

I haven’t posted a lot of book reviews lately, but I have been reading. I have a stack that I need to go through, and I am reading again for school, so there’ll be a bunch in the next while. First up, A book on Spiritual Gifts by Hohensee and Odell. Don Hohensee is my Board of Ministry advisor and the dean of PESM, so I pretty much have to like this book (kidding…).

It is a standard book on spiritual gifts though. It has a little test at the beginning that will remind you of seventeen magazine and make you feel all giddy when you discover you have a couple gifts. I did the test on a bus ride to Seattle and got the same answers I normally do, I guess that’s more evidence of its consistency.

The best part about this book for me (and the reason I would recommend it) is the treatment and explanation of spiritual gifts int he Old Testament, especially some that don’t appear in Paul’s lists in the New Testament. That was novel, I had never seen those before, but after reading the Scriptural support, it made perfect sense.

So, I did appreciate this book and that’s a bonus because I know the authors. Unfortunately, you can’t get one because they are out of print.


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