Monday Morning Check-In September 15 2008

weekend in review: Heather was away for her Grandmother’s funeral this weekend. So, it was DaddyFunTime all weekend long. We washed the car, bought a soccer ball and played at SAHS, went shopping for a new toilet seat and I finished reading a book. It was a good weekend, but we’re glad to have a whole family at home for this week. Heather is leading worship at our church’s women’s retreat this weekend, and then we actually have a couple weekends were everyone will be home!!

on my list this week: I have a BIG list this week. Being out last week with school and Heather being gone for the funeral has left me with a lot of work this week. I seem to have a lot of projects in the initial stages, or in the final stages. With new stuff starting and changes bing made I have a lot of people time this week too. In fact, it’s taking me a long time to do this post, because I keep doing other things and I have to go get new coffee ‘cuz its cold. I also want to peg down next year’s missions trip by September 30th.
My reality right now is that leadership is never easy. If it’s easy, you’re not the leader. The leader makes the hard choices, initiates the difficult moves and makes the calls. If you want to be a leader, make sure it’s because you want a harder life!

current books: I have put myself on a reading schedule to get all of my reading for my master’s program done by January 4th. This means I’ll be reading 20-25 pages every day, before I do any of my fun reading. So, this week it’s Christian Education: Foundations for the Future, by Clark, Johnson and Sloat, The Reason for God by Tim Keller, Reimagining Youth Ministry by Chris Folmsbee.

current writing: nothing. but I do plan to blog on two books I have finished recently this week, and maybe, just maybe do my book reports, but probably not.

culture that’s caught me: I watched a terror movie this weekend on the free StarZ preivew on DirectV. It sucked. I hate that young people today are being sold crap culture.
Also, these two youtubes (and the fact that we use the term youtubes in a plural sense) are…ummm…interesting…

question I’d ask God: So, the platypus…really? seriously?What dost maketh the platypus? What is such to be endangered? It cometh from Tasmania, Australia and interesting as an animal can be! Not only dost it possess fur, it hath a beak, worthy of a duck. Although docile at times, the Platypus hath spurs on its hind legs, which sink into the flesh of its prey, a killing blow.

how i’m feeling about this week: good. I have a couple great things on the grill and a couple conversations scheduled that I think are going to help advance the kingdom of God. Plus, two weeks ’till I get to preach on Jesus. Just Jesus. That’s killer.

Ran last week: none. I did do a walk, and played soccer with the kids so I ran and sweated on grass. No knee pain. But I am getting knee pain from staying in one position for too long, which my master’s classes didn’t help.

Goal for this week: I’m going for a run (4min on/1 min walk, 6reps) this afternoon. If it goes well, I hope to run at least 6 miles this week. Hopefully 10.


One thought on “Monday Morning Check-In September 15 2008

  1. as an add on, I did 3.3 miles in 32 minutes, staying sub-10minutes, and only felt a little wee bit of pain in the knees after 27 minutes. Not gonna push it this week, but we’re back on track!!


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