Monday Check In September 8th

weekend in review: Kind of a run around weekend. The family is getting over sickness so we laid around a lot. LJ and I watched 2 more Harry Potter movies and tried to watch the new Slamball, but it was bad timing for LJ – he was a little hungry after church. Got to preach in the morning. Introduced a new series we are doing on the core purposes of SACC. Should be a good series to keep the church focused on the mission of Jesus. Then, LJ started Kindergarten today. He did so great going in and getting checked in. I think I was more emotional over the whole thing than he was.

on my list this week: PESM, lots of admin, getting my small group going, nothing else really exciting.

current books: The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren, The Reason for God by Tim Keller, Reimagining Youth Ministry by Chris Folmsbee

current writing: nothing. I should do some book reports. Hopefully I will.

culture that’s caught me: The VMA’s last night. Are people noticing that MTV has become a network for tweens? The VMA’s were entirely geared for 12-14 year old kids. An amazing choice as MTV has struggled to be relevant.

question I’d ask God: Do you like the Harry Potter series?

how i’m feeling about this week: Feeling great. Lots of chances to learn and hang out with some great guys.

Ran last week: I didn’t run at all last week, my knees are totally wrecked from climbing south sister.

Goal for this week: the goal for this week is to keep resting the knees and get better. It sucks.


3 thoughts on “Monday Check In September 8th

  1. Run on a softer surface and running can actually be good for knees. I wouldn’t wish a high school track on any one, but running on the inside of the track on the field itself is good and running backward for a 100 meters at the end is helpful (yes, I said backward). Ask me about ice baths sometime. Check that, don’t ask me about those, bad idea.

    I love to listen to Tim Keller. Some preaching styles hit me right between the eyes (of the heart?) and he is one of them. I have a few hours of him on the ipod and love do run and listen to him. I liked the book but I am not around those who ask those kinds of questions.

    Loved the sermon last Sunday. I will never get tired of hearing the gospel. I wish we got hit with it every week; I know that I need it (I am the worst sinner that I know). But sometimes I wonder if we are a church who likes church but doesn’t like Jesus all that much.


  2. Current Writings none? I cranked out 3: 1/2-1 page summaries/responses today alone. 🙂

    I’m actually going for my fourth and trying to get a head start on my editorial before I go to bed tonight


  3. I was wondering how LJ did on his first day of school. School is a weird thing. All summer you kinda look forward to them going back, but with each year you realize more and more that they are growing up so fast. I get teary eyed each year I take Madi. I wonder if and when those emotions ever go away. Seems it might get worse each year.

    We loved the sermon on Sunday as well. I am always so amazed at Jesus love for us and you helped bring it all back. Then the songs….man! Russell said it made him think of that Nooma we watched down at the Mosaic…the train one…

    Thanks for adding some new stuff to read!


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