Monday Check-In

Taking a nod from other blogs (i.e. Marko) I am going to try and do some Monday check-ins to keep me up to date and give a little more of a glimpse into the reorientation.

weekend in review: well, I climbed South Sister this weekend. I’ll try to get photos up as soon as I get them from Russell. Logan, Cody, Russell and I all made it to the top. 10,200feet. Really amazing accomplishment for us, I think. I got pretty dehydrated though and I still am suffering in my legs. It sucks, but I can now call myself a mountain climber! Also, we did the final Fit to Fight video live on Sunday morning with a feed from the parking lot. Jason and I set up all the video stuff and Logan, Andrew, Nick, Rachael and I pulled it off. It was really outstanding as far as creating a spectacle for our last Sunday morning of summer. On a downer note, the kids have colds, so we pulled out of a team barbeque, which turned out to be a rainy afternoon anyways.

on my list this week: Volcanoes baseball game and I need to finalize the fall schedule for the youth ministry, figure out the internship program, figure out how I’ll work invert, contact freshmen personally, edit the final Fit 2 Fight video, and write a sermon, then, maybe, computer shop.

current books: The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren

current writing: a sermon on God touching people’s lives, and, hopefully, book reviews for the first two books of PESM I’ve done.

culture that’s caught me: Rob Bell’s The Gods Aren’t Angry DVD (Thanks to Patrick for lending it).

question I’d ask God: So, really, why wasn’t Eve surprised when the snake spoke to her? Or was she and that just didn’t make the story?

how i’m feeling about this week: I’m sore going in, but I hope to have a productive week. Preaching is always exciting as I get to be used by God in my designed fashion, so I have a lot to look forward to and to pray about this week.

Ran last week: only 5.3 miles, plus a hike up South Sister (5,000+ feet elevation gain, 12.5 miles).

Goal for this week: three runs, totaling 9 miles.


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