Socks anyone?

REcovering today from my longest run ever…since i got married at least…and here’s my kind of motivation.

Olympic Marathon


3 thoughts on “Socks anyone?

  1. Great job extending your miles. More ideal running weather is coming soon!

    If you listen to podcasts, give Phedippidations a try. Search for it on Itunes. He records his shows as he runs and has run the Boston marathon while recording. He is by no means a fast runner therefore the shows are a little long.

    Keep it up and ignore the people who think you should only run if being chased.


  2. I thought you were going to ease into it after you were so sore the last time you did this. Did you actually run the whole time? I don’t like how guys can just decide “Oh, I’m going to run 5.28 miles today” and actually do it. That is WRONG! I will start my training in January, but there is no way I will start out with even a half a mile.


  3. I am easing into it 🙂

    I’m actually doing a start out program that I found on, where I run some and walk some, rightn ow it’s 4 minutes run, 1 minutes walk. And I was supposed to just run 3 miles, but I had taken 2 days off (‘cuz of preaching on Sunday), so I pushed it a little…but no joint pain – so the new shoes are working awesome.


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