I have never watched MSNBC for news before tonight.  And right now, I am watching the after report on Barack Obama’s speech and I am laughing out loud at how worked up these two guys are – Chris Matthews and some other guy.  They aren’t even pretending to be fair and balanced reporting – they are simply bowing at the feet of Obama’s speech.

I can’t be public about any choices I would make about any elections; in actuality, I don’t even have a vote since I’m not a citizen, but these two goofballs are making sure EVERYONE knows there opinion.



Socks anyone?

REcovering today from my longest run ever…since i got married at least…and here’s my kind of motivation.

Olympic Marathon

What I’ve been up to this summer…

I have been absent from blogging because I have had to keep moving fast this summer and rest when I had down time. I’m feeling much healthier this year than last at this time. Lots of good things are happening and God is giving me opportunities to be used in some really fun ways. Enjoy these: