Pouring has got to be a part of your life. Pouring happens when something/someone fills you up or when you actively give to others out of your reservior. Pouring is the transferrence of knowledge and wisdom which happens in supportive and relational ways.

Make your life about two sets of pouring relationships. First, find people to pour into your life. If you are married, find another couple to pour into your lives together. Actually go up to somebody who you want to be like and ask them to have this sort of relationship with you. While you may think it is awkward, most people desperately wish they had someone pouring into them when they were yougner. Even if they don’t see themselves as some sort of super-genius, just being able to hear their stories and benefit from their experience is worth more than you know. So, get off the internet, get on the phone and go buy someone awesome some coffee and tell them you think you want to learn from them.

The second set of relationships must be where you are pouring into someone else. This relationship forms in two different ways. First, you make yourself awesome since you have multiple relationships that are pouring into you. Then people see you as awesome and approach you about pouring into them. Even if you think you have a long way to go, this can happen; since you can read, there is a vast population of elementary kids who you could pour into. Then, after your awesomeness is established, you look for younger people (and I would specifically say people in the 12-35 age range) that you think could become as awesome as you, specifically people who could become you (this really must be done with thoughts of succession, if you are worth anything to your organization then you had better have a succession plan or you will soon (i.e. when you leave) be worth nothing to your organization). Then, if you are not an influencer in their life already, you figure out a way to do so. You could hire them to work for your company, you could coach their team, volunteer in their youth organizations, etc. This builds trust and creates a relationship. Then directly tell them that you think they have the potential for awesome and tell them that you’d like to help them get there. This is how organizations (businesses, teams, corporations, small businesses, etc) last beyond one generation.

Without both of these puring relationships you will become an unbalanced or unremarkable individual. If you have neither relationship (and I say this with all honesty) you are going to stay the same as you are right now for all your life. While the world advances, you will remain steady and turn into scenery in awesome people’s lives. You will become a stock photograph, a token character in someone else’s blockbuster.

If you only have the relationship where someone is pouring into you, then you will become frustrated and useless. Your contribution will also be in vain, because it will end when you do. Generally, people will not sacrifice for you because you refuse to sacrifice for them.

If you only have the relationships there you are pouring into others you will eventually run out. Like a jug with a limited amount of juice, you will reach a point where you have nothing left for the people you are pouring into. At this point, if the people you are pouring into have working pouring relationships, they will pass you by and you will need them to pour into you.

So get into these relationships. Give time to them. Be intentional. Then life becomes awesome.


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