Palmer, Wide Open Spaces

I just finished a long post on this book and my freaking computer can’t handle it’s business and froze up.

So, let me summarize. This has some good stuff in it, but the guy is “recovering from organized religion”. To me, that’s weak. You love Jesus but hate his bride? Whatever. I can understand if you struggle, because sometimes the bride acts badly and looks ugly, but so do I and my wife still loves me. I am just not going to sympathize with the people who go off and do their own things because they are frustrated. I equate that with getting divorced because it’s just too hard to love that person anymore.

The theology in this book is neo-liberalism that makes Jesus very personable, but pays no attention to historical orthodoxy. All that to say, I did find some great little phrases and it caused me to think, but really did not grow any from this book because I struggle with it’s presuppositions of neo-liberalism and abandonation of the church.


One thought on “Palmer, Wide Open Spaces

  1. It is interesting to think that people think that they can survive without a church. Jesus calls us to community and most of us do not have the kind of relationship with God that allows us to skip out on church. Well, any of us really.


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