Multi-site Exposed 6

I think I may have mixed up the order of the seesions I attended, but here’s the info anyways…

The next session of Leadership Network’s Multi-site Exposed conference was a breakout session. I attended a session on organizational structure and leadership (I know – you’re really excited to read abou that!) with Jamie Munson and Tim Beltz. It was interesting, but since I am doing work on the Strategic Leadership Team for our church, it really wasn’t a whole mess of new information, mostly new diagrams to explain things, which is just as useful as the information itself. However, when talking organizationally and utilizing a lot of pictures, flow charts and diagrams, you need electronic copies of them, which they didn’t give away so you won’t be seeing them here.
The main thrust of their talk was the expense of consultant services, the need for excellent leadership and leadership development and the difficulty of thinking through strategic leadership all the way to implementation.


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