Win the War

I struggle with using warfare metaphors for talking about ministry because, here in Albany, many students in the youth ministry have fathers, mothers, and (especially) older brotherswho are fighting in a real war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There’s a lot of baggage when you bring up the warfare analogy in any setting.

At the same time, the Bible is clear that there is a real spiritual battle going on, which the church is fully engaged in.  For us to deny that there is a war, would be like sticking our heads in the sand while the enemy, the devil, is positioning for victory.  At the same time, I think it’s a huge mistake to call this war ‘the culture war.’  I believe Christians are called to fight a spiritual war withinthe culture, not a socio-political war against the culture. 

All that to say this: I fully believe that when a church is able to enlist the young men, the war will be won.  When the young men respond to the gospel with strength, courage, grace, hope, faith and love then the church will become a spiritual force in a very real war with the darkness of evil. 

Here’s a link with some more ideas:  Man Up Your Ministry


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