Multi-site Exposed 5

dave browningThe next session of Leadership Network’s Multi-site Exposed conference was a general session with the leaders of Christ the King, Dave Browning.  His version of multi-site looks the most like an organic version of a denomination.  With untold number of sites all over the world, CtK is a story of resources home groups and equipping them to become churches.  Interesting thoughts and insight from Dave Browning during this talk.  Probably the best insight (for me) was when he pointed out that there are 3 types of people in any given church.  The first is those who will, then those who won’t, then those who can’t.  Browning tells churches that CtK is a great church for the first and third kinds of people, but those who won’t will have a horrible experience at a CtK church because they are all about the mission.

The best part of the whole hand out was a little chart based on a statement from Carl George, who posits that the future will reveal very large churches that either resemble elephants or a field of mice.  Both can do damage, but in very different ways.  CtK takes the mice approach, and Browning developed a chart to describe the difference.  It’s very, very long.  If you want a copy, you’ll have to contact me.


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