Multi-site Exposed 3

The third session of Leadership Network’s Multi-Site Exposed Conference was a general session with John Bishop from Living Hope church sharing with us.  Here’s some ideas and thoughts from his sermon and from my head while he was talking:

  • First off, Living Hope’s worship leader could kick your butt.  They brought their A-team worship band and they were very talented.  They did the ‘worship team sings reflectively, then starts clapping and says get-up-out-of-your-seats‘ kinda gig.  I see it pretty frequently, usually in larger churches.  Perhaps it is a good focusing tool for people.  But that guy was just ripped.
  • Bishop reminds me of a youth pastor who has now grown up – the USAmerican church has guys like this all over.  It’s interesting to see the way that the broader church follows the innovative youth ministers about 20 years behind.
  • (see if this doesn’t remind you of youth ministry) 3 points in Bishop’s sermon (like a classic youth talk): Risk everything (being real/looking foolish), Reach everywhere and Release everyone.  This will be difficult and messy, but it will work.
  • If a senior pastor wants to be an effective communicator today, he should utilize some materials on speaking to youth that were published in the early 1990’s, like Ken Davis’ seminar.  Especially if he is drawing a congregation of 35-65 year olds.
  • Interesting to me that senior pastors often think, “I’m the guy were trying to reach.”  These words actually came out of Bishop’s mouth – it was the first time I actually heard a pastor say it.  I think that the greatest pastors are actually able to think beyond reaching people like them and they begin to reach others who aren’t like them.  They do this by developing and deploying other leaders who aren’t like them, knowing that people are attracted to leaders within whom they can see themselves.
  • Living Hope tries to have half of their staff under 30 years of age – this puts them in a great position to reproduce leaders and stay on the front edge of culture.
  • Bishop explained that the church should be safe and dangerous.  I take a little bit of a different angle, i would say the church should be marked by comraderie and danger.  This is what you hear from those who join in battle together.

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